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I never thought I'd say this:

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The defenders of the long-form census have added a cheeky holiday spin to their campaign, reminding us that the very first Christmas was sparked by a census-related trip to Bethlehem.

Agh. No, it wasn't.

The idea of the census was added later, when various mutually inconsistent aspects of the supposed birth of Jesus and the supposed prophecies needed to be reconciled. Somebody had the brilliant idea that the Romans decided to hold a census in which every citizen was obligated to travel to the land where his ancestors were from. At the same time. In year 1 CE. To fill out a census form. Which there is no record of, even though we have records of other censuses (censi?) done by the Romans at other times (with more reasonable rules, of course).
Oh, Christ.
Wow, now that is an intrusive, coercive census!
And yet, according to the link I sent, the information within which I take as the gospel truth, "There is no record of either Joseph or Mary objecting to the Census as intrusive". THINK ABOUT IT.
Those records were received by the thousands, but were then deleted destroyed, but I swear, they existed. Plus, there were lots of unreported complaints, and while statistics may show complaints were down, unreported complaints were way up, necessitating the building of many more complaint handling centres for these complaints they expected to remain unreported.
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