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Amazingly, there was no waiting list at the library

PSA: this book is even worse than the video suggests. It's also FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PAGES LONG.
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but how big is the font?
Regular size.

The book is basically Harry Potter but with a school of modelling instead of a school of wizardry. I'm not trying to be funny here; that's actually an apt description.
AND, there's a sequel on the way!


December 11 2011, 22:05:55 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  December 11 2011, 22:06:09 UTC

She did say in the video (which I just rewatched, augh, what is wrong with me?) that her idea was for a book series.

So, are you going to read the rest of them? :3
You're killing me. I was only able to get through the first n* pages of this one before realizing 1) it's a sunny day, 2) I need to clean, 3) I have an exam to set.

* None of your business!
n=550. I know it.
Very funny. (But wrong. But also funny.)
BTW: I do expect you to reread it, when you get very own birthday copy.
Does this mean I should expect a birthday gift from you? I'm both touched and offended.
I guess you'll have to reread it twice. I got it for you as a Christmas present.
Wow, my friends really do love (and hate) me.