Moebius Stripper (isomorphisms) wrote,
Moebius Stripper

Very much not what I feel like dealing with at the moment

Purely hypothetical question, natch:

When one's bathroom ceiling starts leaking in one's condominium - 2nd floor of a 3-storey building, and directly underneath another bathroom - who is liable?

ETA: dude from downstairs came up half an hour ago to ask WTF was going on in my bathroom, since his bathroom ceiling is leaking. We suspect a burst pipe.

ETA2: Emergency night manager dude told me to talk to the insufferable upstairs neighbour and report back. Since the insufferable upstairs neighbour is the one who threatened me a year ago (long story; he didn't have a case, but righteous indignation can be a powerful thing), I wasn't too keen on this idea, so I went to visit downstairs neighbour to see if he could be pursuaded. Serendipitously ran into building manager in the process; she is looking into things, and offered to talk to upstairs neighbour. Wheee!

ETA3: The problem is in the insufferable upstairs neighbour's apartment. The plumber is on his way and will be here in around an hour, ie, at one in the morning; building manager assures me that this will not result in all of us being evacuated from our homes, and liability lies with the building, not with me. Huzzah! I will have to grant the plumber access so that he can poke around and take some notes that will go to the building restoration folks, not because he actually needs access to my unit in order to fix the problem. Fortunately I don't have to be at work tomorrow.
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