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100% of people writing this post are banging their heads against their desks

The government's plan to replace the census long form with what is essentially a self-selected survey of Canadians must be a popular one, because a self-selected (non-)survey of Canadians, as described by the MP pushing the voluntary option, says so. ARGH.

(Lord, even the National Post, which seems to exist to prop up the government at every available opportunity, reason be damned, is raking Clement over the coals for this. And I must have missed this: "[Clement] recently took to Twitter to claim statisticians would simply reweight the sample appropriately. Prominent Univeristé Laval economist Stephen Gordon tweeted back that the weighting is done using precisely the census data that will be lost." To which I add: this reweighting would introduce a HUGE margin of error. Hopefully Parry Sound-Muskoka will give Clement the axe come the next election; we don't need a government that enthusiastically pushes policies that have been proven failures in the US. (See also, Truth in Sentencing Act.))
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